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Being thus, what the government makes with this right that is taken off of the private agents? In the theory of the world ' ' ideal' ' it would destine these resources to use in public services for these same agents who had been removed it part of its saving, as construction and conservation of roads, schools, health, security, amongst other services. When passing for this first one analysis, we perceive that the government removes what it cannot fulfill and that they exist agent private much more efficient that the state offering for these goods and that is wronged for norms, decrees and taxes, mainly. If you would like to know more about Bernard Golden , then click here. The government of president Dilma did not make nothing of new in relation to the subjects that in months I come treating. The anticyclical politics adopted by the government Squid in the year of 2008 reflects at the beginning of this year. Benesses fiscal led by ' ' gran mestre' ' of the Brazilian economy, Mr. Secretary of the Treasury, Guido Mantega, of that time is reflected now and ricardiana equivalence was set in motion again stops saying in them that a reduction of taxes in the past, will reflect in its future increases. The future arrived and the account is paid for the widower.

With this, we are having in generation of job, income, technological improvement and again they go to appeal to more still diminish the private saving. He will be if the people does not have a little of guilt in this everything? He has yes and I will say where. All in the Brazilians we want a place to the sun, but it has some that if risk more than others. The ones that if risks more are using, therefore they are enterprising. The ones that does not want to risk are if using e, in recent years, running of the private sector for the public service, as if an animal existed papo in the private initiative that hindered any citizen to grow professionally.


This is good and should remain so. That is why we consider very We put our energies in which developments and in which areas should be invested. It’s about intelligent”to grow and not on Devil come out. Of course should be any strategy away remain flexible and in our fast-moving times adapt to short-term requirements. Projectplace is our vision, that we us while make the international competition, our expansion plans but limit themselves to the important local markets in Europe. We can convince the American market and Asia no doubt in a few years by our offer.

If you take a look into the future what do you, the everyday in a decade looks like? What role will play computer & co. and what structures do you expect? Pelle Hjortblad: Pragmatically considered, I would say the following: modern communication techniques and habits are increasingly assert themselves. Merging and selecting information is gaining importance and limiting components such as time and space are increasingly been overcome. “I would generally mean on a parent level, that developments in the consumer market” increasingly to affect the B2B area. Let’s take for example developments such as YouTube or MySpace. Here you can see what role social networks play these days. Via the Internet you engages about personal things and experiences. So, one can say transparency, real-time capability and precision are characteristics of social networks, how they evolve today.

In the long term these features also in everyday business life will find themselves again. Information is collected and shared the principle of Wikipedia so to speak. Much like with Wikipedia is to create platforms on which one world can interact within an interest group. Blogs are a contemporary example here. At project place, we have introduced a professional blog about project management already in early 2008. But back to my General prediction: in contrast to the animal, man is a social being. He is capable of learning and helpful. In Combined with modern Internet technology, which works almost at the speed of light, is this cause in the future, that we increasingly share our knowledge with others and at the same time to benefit from their expertise. This will affect our work, thinking and life in its basic structure and change. Alexandra Schmidt

Market Intelligence

Recommendations are some everyday, that everyone has to do so also your customers every day: the good movie tip of the colleagues, recommended restaurant or a book, spoken enthusiastically about the. You even make recommendable, if the relationship is true to their customers, they are an expert and do high-quality work. Then, recommendations arise almost (!) by itself. So don’t hesitate to ask. And show that you know to appreciate recommendations. Still a small tip that should reduce the fear of the recommendation question: people get not only like recommendations, they recommend also like to order others to do a favor or with the good tip even a bit to come up trumps. 8. take advantage of the small entrepreneur! Small businesses have the advantage that they much closer most Market are off than large companies.

Learn which trends are coming up and what is already back out first what is going on in the market. In addition they can respond very quickly. Large companies just here often have problems, since it can react to changes not as flexible and timely manner. 9. provide impeccable service! Excellent service is reserved for not only large companies. Service need not be expensive.

Some services cost nothing at all, others can be adapted exactly to the specific conditions in your enterprise and the individual needs of your customers and costs keep within limits. Important service factors are: experience, expertise and high quality of services, personnel continuity and reliability, transparency, good organization, flexibility, personal commitment and a positive attitude to the customers. Also includes a smooth and effective complaint management. Here you can score, if you lot Show understanding for the needs of the customers. 10. pass the test in the price war! Although the weakening economic situation incites real discount battles who small have companies and freelance often no room, to compete in the battle for the lowest price.

Joachim Dura

Because, so the native Stuttgart, Cashflow 101 convey using the playful elements exactly that expertise that lacks the most people when it comes to the skillful construction of assets: most engaged in this topic are not thorough enough. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Tremor International by clicking through. Or prefer them to leave asset accumulation equal to other people. And that is precisely where the fault lies. Because that not all consultants behind the bank counter have only the welfare of customers in mind, many investors are likely to have found no later than since the beginning of the financial crisis with horror. Obvious conclusion: Self is the man and the woman is, if it is to develop the perfect strategy for capacity building.

Just who is independent and competent enough to sovereign financial decisions, spared indefinitely before unpleasant surprises when looking at its custody account statement. This sovereignty but is based solely on the required knowledge and this knowledge imparted in a way besides Cashflow 101. Think yourself rich Joachim Dura knows a second reason why not only Otto normal earners are if at all possible in the growing flock of cash flow 101 fans should classified: so how do you think you live too. Who so wealth themselves, he-living will, it must be first of all, he-thinking; He must first learn to judge, as a rich man to feel and act. Only seemingly, wealth could be purchased; in reality it will conceived. Basically it go at Cashflow 101 therefore, to replace old thought patterns with new and to create a sustainable, solid intellectual basis for financial freedom and sovereignty. Against this background seems not like a random board game Cashflow 101. And until not quite like the gift table Evergreen monopoly: stop me doing just that, Joachim decided dismissive Dura. Road trains, or to buy waterworks stations what has to do with the reality of life of ordinary people? Then already prefer questions entrusted to the right career choice, the richest storage strategy, or the most compelling business planning.

Working Group

Many things are easier for an interim manager, because he has no past and no future in the company. He needs to make no false considerations and can concentrate fully on the task”adds Bodo Blanke, AIMP member and Managing Director of AC Alpha Management GmbH, a provider that is active in Germany for almost 30 years. How procured”a company the real crisis manager? This must be someone who is equipped and available on the required proof of success. For cost reasons, it makes sense, that only so long as he remains, as it is necessary and the benefits are clearly visible. Recruiters specialize in as headhunters usually finding a Manager for a permanent employment and need several months, until the right candidate is found. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Cylance has to say. Consultants have, however, your strengths in analysis and concept development and less in the implementation and enforcement”, brings Jurgen Becker, AIMP Board colleague and Chief of Manager network GmbH, the issue of procurement”of the right Interim Manager on the point.

The Arbeitskreis interim management provider (AIMP) has therefore developed criteria, companies can help to find the right partner in the selection of the right crisis manager. How to recognize a professional provider? “Interim management’s core business: A professional provider operates interim management as a core business and not as a favor”, to cover atypical and sporadic customer requests. Interim Manager pool has a relevant size: A professional provider has a pool of several hundred to several thousand interim managers and must not only look at a request on the Internet for candidates. Interim Manager pool is quality assured: A professional provider has criteria that a candidate must meet in order to be included in his pool. Often these criteria are through references or personal interviews Adds. The relationship with the interim maintained active managers over the years. Range of services goes beyond the sending of resumes: A professional provider is not limited to mere sending out resumes, but may refer the companies questioner to as well as the offered Interim Manager as partner available. Provider has insider knowledge in a growth market: A professional provider can company inquiring about and offered Interim Manager supply a variety of market data such as prices, as well as trends in the provider or consumer behavior.

Alone in the pools of the members of the AIMP approximately 850 skilled interim managers with proven competence in the renovation and restructuring can be found. Contact: butterflymanager GmbH company for interim management services – Switzerland, Germany, Austria – Dr. Harald Schonfeld, Managing Director Bahnhofstrasse 31 CH-8280 Kreuzlingen FON: 01 66 on the AIMP: Working Group interim Management provider (AIMP) are renowned interim service providers from the German-speaking Europe. In the growth market of interim management is the AIMP for more transparency, professionalism and quality, but also for innovation in the interim business. AIMP members must demonstrate competence and customer orientation and support each other collegial. The AIMP captures, analyzes and discusses current market figures and trends, industry analyses and related publications and statements regularly position on current issues in the interim management.

Uwe Springer

Of course, paves the financing way the team from Soest j Street as well and ensures that the one or the other stumbling block on the way to the dream car is eliminated. Uwe Springer recalls that the (high) buyers from numerous model -, motor -, performance – and trim levels can choose. And colors? No problem. But what if from the existing range partout nothing will fit? “Then we leave the car in accurately assemble the desired configuration directly at the car factory”, Uwe Springer promises. Thanks to our extremely good business relations with all major car manufacturers we can even this happy full-service offer attractive price, that the hire purchase happiness remains a totally untroubled enjoyment.” Even the big day of delivery differs not by the exemplary ecoAgent -full-service: where whatever the car buyers have mag built his garage a staff of car brings the happy customers desire car himself to the front door.

Normally he would require the full purchase price (but also really until then) in cash or as a complete transfer. “But at the hire purchase is of course different,” Uwe Springer concedes. As an individually negotiated deposit is payable only in the run-up to the handover you can of course also directly set Internet Configurator.” The cash for clunkers is dead long live the best price rate of ecoAgent! Who wants to try out’s (and try really cost a dime): simply enter ecoagent..

Baltic States

Selection of stations (airport, city, hotel) possible. Integration of corporate rates possible. Book train tickets with corporate account: companies can integrate their corporate account by the Deutsche Bahn. Advantages of the Atlatos professional traveller for your company: reduce direct and indirect travel costs more comfort in the travel arrangements travel optimization more transparency through a tailored reporting integrated travel management travel planning through to the settlement of travel not expensive initialization changes the business solution recognised desire optimum integration of the Atlatos professional travellers in the process flows of the company as well as image tours betreuendes travel agency with the Atlatos professional traveller be holistically all travel processes of your company. These include a powerful and user-friendly travel planning, integrated travel policies, standardized Approval process and automatically generated travel reports. Companies can internal booking way shorten according to your requirements and greatly facilitate the organisation and handling. Connect with other leaders such as Tim Clark here.

Travel guidelines can be individually set, integrated internal approval procedures and comfortable travel expense reports created. An advantage is the individual use of this Web-based solution that is also inexpensive: you enables companies with a limited budget as well as medium-sized companies a holistic platform for the Organization of business trips to get and to achieve significant time and cost savings through integration of all booking channels, as well as central organization. An advantage for the company is that all bookings in the total solution (who is informed about the booking / approval / travel expenses) are included. You get your needs coordinated evaluation options and reporting (E.g. about airlines, flight routes, staff, through image tours U.v.m more destinations, cities, activity types) as well as the possibility of adapting accounting management in the company.

About image tours image tours – comprehensive solutions for business travel with travel agency service and online booking platform: Image tours flight and travel service Ltd. organized as a full service travel agency in Germany and worldwide business travel. The offer includes the complete organization of business trips in the company, as well as extensive services for a holistic approach. Personal contact with image tours provide a customized and focused on the needs of the company support. Here, large savings are in travel costs as well as the optimization of the internal organization of travel for the company. Offers additional potential to reduce travel costs through special arrangements with airlines, hotels and agencies with which image tours individual prices has negotiated a variety of additional services such as a worldwide in-house visa service in Hamburg, their own hotel programs China and cities in Asia, Russia, Baltic States and former CIS countries and enable, for example, a complete service from a single source for managing business travel in these destinations. Other services such as personalised analysis options and reporting (E.g. about airlines, flight routes, staff, target areas, cities, other types of performance u.v.m.), as well as the possibility of adapting the accounting management in the enterprise today form a broad base for the support of small and medium-sized enterprises. For more information, business/index.html

Creative Director Christian Fernandez

CEO Markus Meissner: we have cooperated for years with the cooling House AG very confidently and appreciate in particular the Usability expertise and the skills of cold storage in the field of graphics. Completely managed the redesign of our website, our goals have been excellently implemented.” The new website of the casino is online ( since the end of August, the page is integrated in the next few weeks on the casino website. For more information see and. Vinay: The casino GmbH & co. KG offers full service for successful (e) businesses. See more detailed opinions by reading what Saul “Canelo” Alvarez offers on the topic.. The company has been around 10 years for innovative ideas and solutions in the areas of ERP and E-commerce. As an IT service provider casino covers the complete online-shop processes of ERP systems from the House over the developments of ShopSync, AuctionSync, Microtech, as well as custom programming to VLOG, the software for distribution logistics.

Cateno-portfolio is complemented by a comprehensive range of services, including the expert advice before and during the introduction of software products including intensive training. Jorge Perez has much to offer in this field. casino supervised numerous small and medium-sized companies from different sectors. With several hundred completed projects, every day tens of thousands of contracts are managed by the casino solutions and shipped. About the cooling House AG: The cooling House AG, headquartered in Mannheim is one of the largest and most successful full-service Internet agencies in Germany. The company, which operates more than twelve years of experience in this area, enjoys an excellent reputation as a specialist in online marketing and Web usability. Cooling House accompanied beyond its customers on the way to a successful Internet commitment from the first idea to the finished product and beyond.

The development of appropriate marketing strategies and the user-centered design include as well to the core competencies of the Agency as the rich Internet applications programming or the conception, creation, and implementation of online marketing campaigns for sustainable success in E-business. The cooling House AG is headed by Dipl.-ing. Christian Reschke (CEO and founder) and Creative Director Christian Fernandez (proxy and) Founder). Chairman of the Board is Thomas Bader.

Representatives Protection

Were asked nationwide 535 exclusively as brokers or Representatives of multiple active agents who are active in this business field. Great expectations in ensuring care extra care additional Division is currently yet least occupied according to the intermediary. The business development of the past year, as well as the expectations for the current year reflect a clear upward trend. Around 61% of respondents enjoyed a better deal in securing care addition last year as still in 2008. The number of optimists is still greater in the current year: 71 percent expect a further increase in this business field. Further details can be found at Oracle, an internet resource.

Carsten Zuckriegl by SMARTcompagnie investigator says: no question: A business with huge potential. The theme of care protection comes slowly in drive. There is so far only a few a few companies that have positioned themselves here really strong. The topic provides air for new, creative ideas for products and the market accommodate yet more strong provider. Overall it is exciting stay, the developments in this Business field to observe.” Disability insurance dominated the individual product solutions for the protection of labour considered within the labour protection, so the disability insurance takes the greatest importance as expected. Around 78% of surveyed agents indicate that they agree on a pension in the event of occupational disability in more than 3/4 of all contracts for labour protection. Significantly lower counts for the hedging of serious diseases (dread-disease), which is in second place. Hardly relevant for labour protection are current the disability and the basic ability insurance.

AssCompact AWARD 2010 private provisioning (biometrics): broker’s Favorites the respondents agents, so brokers and multiple agents, can choose, which companies recommend their clients in individual cases. So, you have a comprehensive market overview of the offered product solutions. This makes the verdict on the performance of product providers especially valuable. It a total of 12 performance criteria were examined, a with respect to their relevance to another with views on the perception of the favored product provider of the intermediaries.


Exclusive”is aimed at companies that acoustically, particularly high-quality would present themselves and to a proprietary music want a sound mark (also sound logo) explicitly designed. Experienced composers and audio branding deal specialists in close collaboration with the client to its special instrumentation requests, to create a distinctive acoustic profile with maximum recognition value. Customers can do this on a pool of currently twenty professional speakers/inside, as well as native speakers of almost all languages fall back. Also, they benefit from extended rights of use at no additional charge for Internet, fairs, corporate films, for example, or at the point of sale. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Susan G. Swenson. Personalized mailbox”aimed specifically at mobile telephone networks of companies. Thus, mobile e-mail boxes of employees can be equipped with the previously designed main announcement. These will be provided only with the name of each employee and played consistent acoustic performances by the phone sounds Studio directly on their mobile phones as easy and affordable. Who wants to get into the enjoyment of top sound on the phone, need correspondingly aligned devices.

Customers are therefore under the heading hardware”from now answering machines and MP3 players. When choosing a manufacturer, value phone sounds put on high-quality sound and easy operation. Of course, each device on request is already played on his delivery with the chosen personal announcement and fits smoothly into the telecommunications system on the spot. At the end of All ordering processes on the homepage were the payment options of even more flexible, clear, transparent, fast and sure this developed. Convenient payment via credit card, direct debit, invoice, or PayPal are now standard. Who has no idea of his planned announcement, can listen at in one of the many demos for narrator and music or be inspired by already produced samples of the music. Will the voice of one or the other happen certainly familiar one perhaps from radio or television…?