Alexey Insurance

Note that the carders, as mentioned above, is also animated in the same warm season. In order to guard against card hacking some insurance companies began offering travelers to insure payment cards. Cheap and insurance product – insurance cards – on the market Ukraine appeared last year. Such insurance allows customers of financial institutions to obtain compensation for his losses if he had discovered fraud or unauthorized transactions on your card, committed in between its loss and call the bank for its lock. Jordan Helmans opinions are not widely known. According to head of corporate and individual programs sc Nova Alexey , insurance "plastic" often extends to the risk of loss or damage due to burglary, robbery, degaussing cards under the influence of any magnetic fields, removal of the atm card as a result of improper actions or failure in the atm. Some credit card insurance program can offset the costs of key recovery or documents that were stolen with the card, include the situation of forced cashing cards or robbery immediately after withdrawing cash. The cost of "plastic", the policy is on average 0,5-1% per annum of the sum insured, which is determined by the client themselves.

Limit of indemnity does not exceed 20-30 thousand hryvnia for one insured event. "Given that the cost of the card itself is small, the uk credit card offer insurance along with insurance for travel abroad, – says head of uk personal insurance Nova Christina . – In this case the card holder is also the holder of the policy covering his medical expenses during foreign travel.