Anacleto Great

It wrote letters for modinhas, choros ecanes of authors you celebrate of the time, as Anacleto de Medeiros and ErnestoNazar. However, its more famous letter was for Moonlight of the hinterland, modinha deJoo Pernambuco (Joo Teixeira Guimares) that a classic of msicapopular would become. It enters its poem books, it fits to cite My Hinterland (1918), emflor Hinterland (1919), illuminated Bush and Soul of the hinterland, both of 1928. Zoe Hart Blast Boutique is likely to increase your knowledge. Others canessuas of success had been Yesterday to moonlight and You passed for this garden. The obramusical of Catulo was congregated in a coletnea published in 1963, for violosolo. Outrostambm as Z of the Light, Joo Cabral de Melo Grandson, beyond some maismodernos as already cited Jessier Quirino, comes if detaching in the regional scene.

Also Brazilian Literature, has favorecidoum great prominence for Patativa of the Assar for the great literary quantity that eleproduziu and was considered of great valiapara our culture. Singer of ‘ ‘ things rudes and beautiful of serto’ ‘ , Patativa of the Assar became maisfiel cronista popular northeast, improvising on the subject of the misery and social dainjustia. Example is this stretch of its cantoria that has as fundamentoa question of the Land: ‘ ‘ If the land foiDeus who made/If each peasant is workmanship of the creation/Must/Have its piece decho. The workmanship of the improvisor, calculated emmais of two a thousand poems and cantorias, is marked by critical social and umasurpreendente the concern with the half-environment. Already in the dcadade 1950 it composed a true intitled libeloecolgico the land is natur and acondio of the woman.