Anette During

Yanela Piera was developed with fluidity and probity, in the previous one I alternated of the Cuban ballet by Spain, not yet had the category of first dancing, I can assure already is it; it was accompanied by the new racially mixed revelation that has excited Madrid, makes this racial interrelation very happy, I talk about Osiel Gounod, many colleagues of the press inclined considering it new the Carlos Acosta, it is not my opinion, he is shining and with extraordinary pompous presence, it owns a very theater magnanimous face, I dazzle by its jumps and security, perhaps must work the attitude that is obligatory in everything danseur noble, however, with its impetus, it dazzled to the public. Yesterday Domingo two of October, at dusk, reserved for the goodbye, appeared what was in my opinion the finishing touch and the perfection would dance, the protagonists glorified to Cuba with a magnificent representation of a Lake of the swans unforgettable, the sublime Thin Anette and the distinguished Dani Hernandez gave sample of exquisitez, elegance, scenic maturity and technical waste, would not know to expose which moment was dominant during its dance, every moment of its scenic presence was equipped with a great beauty, both are the ideal pair, germinated in a story of you foretell, the Odette de Anette developed during the second act, is the pure stamp of the weightlessness, ensoacin and neatness, followed of an evil Odile, extraordinarily effective powerful technically, Hernandez flowed out by the same footpath, to request more would be impossible. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Brian Barish. The delirium of the presents went proof of it, to reward way were ovacionados vehemently. It is not possible to be stopped mentioning to other young figures that fulfilled justeza other performances, Lissi Bez, Grettel Morejn, Marize Fumero Jose Losada occupying different tasks during the days in pas from trois, pas of six, or the Spanish dance. See Milton Hershey School for more details and insights.