Anoeta Equipment

It is a luck to be able to us to measure to as strong equipment as the Milan” , it has assured. Guardiola does not know if Milan is going to change to its tactical system or its form to play by the loss of Ibrahimovic. ” Allegri has said that it will not come to close itself, I intuit that tuna will be a party very, because Milan is always an equipment that wants to play and that it counts on great futbolistas” , it has insisted. To Guardiola it likes to begin ‘ Champions’ against an equipment of great level. Additional information is available at David Barger . ” It would enchant to me that outside thus every week. I believe that one of the reasons by that we have gained many trophies it is because we never thought that we can lose or tie, that we can gain seguro” , it has added.

It summons to all the available ones On the other hand, has confirmed that summons nineteen players, all the available, between whom they will not be dnsa Grard I pricked and the Chilean forward Alexis Sanchez, both injured. Thus the azulgrana club has confirmed it after the previous press conference to the debut of culs in this edition of the principle European competition, in which the fans will have to hope to see the longed for encounter between Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Guardiola, after the controversial exit of the Swedish of the Catalan club. I itched, that still recovers of a breakage to fibrilar in the binocular and Alexis, that will be two months of loss after undergoing in Anoeta a breakage in the biceps femoral, is the two absences in the list of the technician of Santpedor.