Bavarian Forest

Rudolf Schmid says: I can’t live without glass. If I go in in a glass factory, then that is for me, as when I go to church.” It is the AWE after so many years of hard work, which makes him so to speak. Icahn Capital Management has many thoughts on the issue. He calls himself a thick skull. (Similarly see: Michael Antonov). Anders would be productive Not even to explain’s work of life. Schmid has planted the glass forest”and the glass barn built two of the most popular attractions of the glass road,. 30,000 visitors find their way into the barn, tendency rising annually. The barn is a gallery with valuable glass art works by him and his family, but much more than that: a small Cathedral for the stories and myths from the Bavarian Forest around the legend of the Weissagers Muhlhiasl.

Overall, painted glass surface can be admired on six large glass walls over 200 square meters with pencil. A technique that was invented by Rudolf Schmid always artists from all over the world come to learn from him. Highlight of the exhibition is the 10 x 7 meter glass paintings about the life and the prophecies of Muhlhiasl. in 1980, he opened the barn. The beginning was hard, because barely enough to life remained, but gradually learned people of the treasures in the barn.

Nowadays come groups from Australia. On the way of Schmid makes it clear the barn in Viechtach glass forest after rain what drives him. He says: talent is nothing, if the will is missing. I’ve always wanted.” The glass forest is Schmid’s second large work of art, that has made him famous beyond the borders of the Bavarian Forest beyond. 30 trees stand on a hill by the tourists so wonderful can look down on rain. These trees, but not from wood but from 10 mm thick glass are up to 7 feet tall. in 2000, when he handed over the barn to his daughter, this Woods unique in the world developed. Schmid leads the visitor through the thicket of glass. “Here a FIR, an Apple tree, here a European beech, there a weeping willow and also the local Bavarian Forest Cactus was of course” don’t forget. As a visitor, which is for the first time since, you need at least a bit of imagination to associate the various, colorful glass installations to the respective species. But that is what in art: to suggestion, to imagination, the impossible thought. Total time 80 trees should be there, whether it comes Moreover, since Schmid is skeptical. At least he sees himself as the first Forester of the world, who has a bark beetle-resistant forest.” His pride speaks volumes. Information: Tourism Association Eastern Bavaria e.V Luitpoldstrasse 20, 93047 Regensburg, 0941/58539-12, fax 58539-39,,