Beyond Consulting

Hereafter and media lives consulting on the bench who benefit beyond contacts? In most cultures outside of Europe, it is perfectly normal to maintain beyond contacts and many people use the services of a psychic reading, a healer there * or a device claimed to be able to communicate with their deceased loved ones. In Germany we saw this long time differently and the themes hereafter contacts or clairvoyance were taboo. Only the esoteric movement has brought significant changes in this area and today it is important to know that they can contact their dead even after their demise in contact for many people. Skeptics on the subject of afterlife contacts of course argue that this can never work as clairvoyance, afterlife contacts or other esoteric”techniques in their eyes contrary to the laws of physics. But although these considerations are often cited, seem to contradict the findings of modern physics.

Especially the latest research in the field of quantum physics show that the Life much more complex and also more complicated structure is, as you said earlier. Current considerations make it as possible, that gifted media access energy fields, which are the everyday people not be available. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Kidspot. Using these fields, you can establish contacts to dead so the current research – and clairvoyant advice rendered. In recent times the number of clairvoyant, who are able to establish contacts with the deceased, has risen in Germany regularly. Especially the current since the 1990s wave of esoteric – resulted in a strong Renaissance of occult techniques and methods, and it is not more rare, that people use media to contact deceased relative or friend at the beginning of the 21st century. These people ask for most often advice from beyond the grave or want to clarify with the deceased personal questions that could not be resolved during his lifetime. Despite the skeptical opinions some people who may hereafter contacts or other media techniques for the seeking of advice very helpful.

If they are used correctly by a good psychic or a good psychic, afterlife contacts or media life coaching can help resolve difficult issues. * In the Philippines, the tradition of the faith healers existed such as for centuries: many people see even today Phillipinische Heiler. Now even Europeans or Americans come to the Philippines to become heal. A similar situation can be found in many parts of the world where healers have still lively. Text: Raphael Balogun