Bliss Not Only At Christmas Time

Is a new book not the place on the market, equally committed nostalgia and modernity to who knows, which equally stands for middle ages, romanticism and nostalgia? Who is behind its walls, can hardly believe that there is still something old. The fantasy is mobilized when the visitors late at night goes through unlit, winding streets. Shady, even Unheimlliches does to him. He then considered the mittelalterlliche silhouette during daylight hours, romantic opens it. Nostalgia. For the visitors of our days, Rothenburg proves to be a soul treasure. For more information see this site: Adam Portnoy.

Not only at Christmas time, when this becomes especially obvious. What “His soul search” was called in the middle ages, today not less is done. Only the prospect of salvation has changed enormously. “The soul Playmate” makes use of contrasts. She takes the reader to a superstitious and God-fearing time. Were worried as the people throughout his life only by one: your salvation.

As even torture and killings in the Name of the Holy Trinity occurred and the heads rolled at the “finite court day”. Then she presented him to today’s world. It leads him to dangerous places, such as about the global financial markets. Where things like salvation wasted no thought, rolls where still the heads, if also bloodless. Where is the Holy Trinity for money, wealth and power. Get a glimpse of the book and a sample, about 80/books/ID41075 the book is available at all major online book bookshops. It has 336 pages and costs as e-book 19,49 EUR 6,99 Euro as a print edition. Lydia Poljasevic