Car Power

Technical indicators of power. High pressure apparatus (HPA), consist of a pump, pressurized, the motor, the bypass valve plungers, electrical circuit, and more. Consumers know this is not necessary. Important Other points on which we should pay attention when choosing aed. If you have a commercial car wash, you need awd with three-phase (380V) motor, as It is this engine suitable for constant professional use with high load. Power of such an engine starts from 4 kW. Consider the fact that more engine power, the more you pay for electricity. If the engine power 10 kW, this does not mean that it will work better than others. Many writers such as Samsung Electronics offer more in-depth analysis.

The approximate price of the device with a 5 kW starts from 24000 rubles. Michael Mendes may not feel the same. The device with single-phase motor does not work, whatever you want to save. He has a lifespan shorter and much less pressure for heavy load it quickly goes down. Repairs will take time, and lost time at the car wash – a loss of income. Number of turns. The engine is another indicator, but its power, the number of shaft revolutions per minute.

If the engine speed, for example, 2800, this unit is designed for light commercial use, ie no more than 20-30 cars a day on this unit. The second option 1400 revolutions per minute, an aed is designed to continuous and uninterrupted operation in the car wash. Let me explain the difference: in the first embodiment of the motor shaft rotation is 2800 rpm, respectively, increases the number of cycles, due to the frequent rotation of the shaft.