Carlos Gildemar Bridges

FINAL CONSIDERAES the results of this article had been found from the comparative analysis enter the workmanships of Fall Fernando Abreu and Carlos Gildemar Bridges. At Bank of America you will find additional information. Its stories bring as subject the solitude, but they keep in itself concernentes especificidades to the style of each author. They are two distinct forms to treat the solitude, in one of them perceives it felt solitude for that alone deferred payment in a city. In another story the person who if feels solitary is somebody that is in the street, in a party in the company of people. This indicates that the solitude stops to be felt does not depend on the factor ' ' to be alone or acompanhado' '.

Manifest it if in people who have vulnerable psychic aspects. They are personages who live in a modern context, encircled for radio, television, musics and parties, but these resources did not hinder them to have solitude. In accordance with CHALITA (2009, p194): It is interesting as the people do not have time to be alone. We live in a barulhenta society. Exactly who lives only, when it enters in house has access all type of racket. The television, the sound, the computer, the telephone, the problems that do not find decantation time so that they are decided.

In this direction, the author left clearly that in our houses some alternatives for diversion exist and to break silence and the monotony. These medias and information if had made insufficient in stories to prevent the solitude of the personages. Are two personages transtornados for the solitude, different feelings that demonstrate divergent causes. The solitude that is alone sensible and is in another one moment felt in collective. People who face the solitude of different forms, two authors that they possess you influence of psychology and the philosophy to write its workmanships. Abreu is considered one of the most important contistas of Brazilian literature contemporary, develops its narratives criticizing the social conventions, has a language that it is not fit in padres' ' normais' ' traditional. Bridges have a character to intrigue the readers who if question concerning thematic for it the proposal in its stories. It possesss deep knowledge and has one extended world vision. It plays with the readers and make reference to implicit references other literary compositions. Its language does not possess obviedade and it innovates in some aspects. In short they are two excellent writers who offer in them with gorgeous workmanships making to reflect us on aspects contemporaries of the current society. REFERENCES ABREU, I fall Fernando.Por the Ticket of a Great ABREU, I fall Fernando. Strawberries Mofados. Rio De Janeiro: To act, 2005 ARAUJO, Antonio Carlos Alves of. Solitude. Removed of site: CHALITA, Gabriel & MELO, Fabio of. Letters between So Paulo Friends: Ediouro, the 2009 KLEINS, Melaine. The Feeling of solitude: our adult world and other assays. Rio De Janeiro: Imago, 1975 BRIDGES, Carlos Gildemar.Um smile is little for As is same the name of it? in: BRIDGES, Carlos Gildemar. Of the Art To make Aeroplanos. $fortaleza: Acau editions, 2008