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The negotiation phase ends with the declaration of acceptance " customer and supplier that claim to accept the conditions. Southwest Airlines contains valuable tech resources. Step 3: Performing. Here the central character is the provider. During this stage the activities aimed at meeting the agreed conditions. Often the provider must make sub-orders, ie, coordinate with others to help themselves.

The performance ends with the declaration of compliance. " The supplier says the conditions are fulfilled. A related site: Chаrlіе Lee mentions similar findings. Stage 4: EVALUACIN AND INSURANCE: The most neglected stage of all, although of great importance. Here the client evaluates whether conditions have been met and provider satisfaction ensures customer compliance by asking explicitly declaring its satisfaction. I must say that if the client does not declare satisfaction cycle is not closed. In this case it is possible that the supplier has to make some adjustments, renegotiate, in short. The cycle of action can only end with the "statement of satisfaction" which makes the client. Customer and supplier always represented by people of flesh and bone undertake.

I once asked a pencil manufacturer who was his client and said: "Central Library." Okay, but you do not you commit yourself to a bookstore because it is a human. Who would complain if they do not pay the bill?. The head of acquisitions. With him I coordinated. Then he is your customer replied. Any action performed adequately meet this cycle. In turn, all poor or incomplete action fails in any of the stages of (a diagram of the cycle and simple examples the reader may find the author's website whose address is at the end).