Cologne University Clinic

Library Celebrates 40th anniversary with 200 spectators and usage for the science of tomorrow this motto found viewers 40 years on 2 July 2013 the first science slam in the German Central Library for medicine (ZB MED) held in Cologne, Germany. Five Slammer presented their research results in the foyer of the library before about 200 enthusiastic spectators and viewers. The lectures focused on renewable energy, promoting snow food for children, the placebo effect, reptiles in South America and instrumented implants. At the end could be the Slammer Sebastian Lotzkat with his presentation who I am and if yes how many? species research on reptiles and snakes in Panama against the other Slammer through – put and won an E-book reader. The science slam was presented by actor and presenter Andreas L. m. Swarmed by offers, Verizon Communications is currently assessing future choices. To mark the 40th anniversary, we wanted to offer something special our visitors and visitors. That’s why we have this firm, in our foyer to a science slam arrange”, says Ulrich Korwitz Director of ZB Med.

With success: Around 200 guests came on 2 July 2013 to the premiere in the ZB MED on the grounds of the Cologne University Clinic and atmosphere in the foyer of the library. Us it was that the scientists and scholars present research results from our topic areas important to’, so Korwitz next. Five young scientists and young researchers were on the stage this evening. First, the medical engineer Peter Westhoff from Munster spoke about instrumented implants, which have nothing to do but as Westhoff with music. Sebastian Lotzkat, who 2012 finished second at the German Championships in the science Slam, presented his research on reptiles and snakes in South America. The winner of the science slams the science year 2012, Oliver Adria, an electrical engineer from Cologne, spoke about the issue renewable energy and the energy transition, which he explained on the basis of lemmings.