Communitarian Agents

Multiprofessional team? the team is formed by a doctor, a nurse, one nurse aid and of four the six communitarian agents of health beyond social dentists, assistants and psychologists who can be part of the team or act as support. Depending on the concentration of families, the Unit of Health of Famlia (USF) will be able to act with one or more teams under responsibility of the Nurse (SANTANA and CARMAGNANI, 2001). The teams of health of the family must identify to the reality epidemiologist and demographic partner of the adscritas, recognize the health problems and identify the risks which the population are displayed, to plan the confrontation of the desencadeantes factors of the process health/illness, to take care of to the programmed objectives, to use the system of reference and against-reference, to promote education to the health and to improve the autocuidado one of the individuals and to stimulate intersetoriais actions to face the identified problems (COAST and CARBONE, 2004). Phil Vasan usually is spot on. 1.3.1 Composition of the teams of health of the family the medical professional must take care of to all the components of the families, not establishing preferences for sex or age beyond following the individuals and the society, the professional Nurse plays its activities in the unit of health and the community beyond, supporting and to supervise the work of the communitarian agents of health (ACS) and the too much people who need the nursing attention, the Nurse aid, the Communitarian Agent of Health and still, the professionals of buccal health and Surgeon-Dentist (COAST and CARBONE, 2009). BRAZIL (2004), establishes the doctor, the function to give integral assistance to the individuals, to promote the quality of life amongst others. It fits to the Nurse, to enable the Communitarian Agents of Health and nurse aid; to promote the quality of life and to contribute for improvements of the environment; to be responsible for the sanitary monitoring and epidemiologist in accordance with its ability amongst others.