In this construction that functioned as an astrological astroroof astral practical age at the same time a temple for, where if they also consulted, to the inhabitants of air (Espritos of demons, fallen Angels who if make to pass for Ascencionados Masters, Espritos of deceased, etc.). They present themselves in closed meetings, after to have been evoked through the Practical medinicas or ocultistas (the convict for God), with a definite intention. Each step of the stairs represented periods of training of the acquired Knowledge (Gnose), called Initiations. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with baby clothes. Expansion of conscience. The same nomenclature is used still today, in the Schools of Mysteries? Initiation.

Ninrode in Old Babilnia, the Papado in Modern Babilnia NINRODE. Gnesis 10:8 Was the Ninrode Monarch, king of Babilnia the responsible one for the construction of this Tower. It wanted to incarnate the Cosmic Order in its proper person, bringing for itself all honor, all glory and power. Nowadays, the Pope takes for itself this same authority, saying itself representative of God in the land. Of it he is said in the Word: ' ' Which if opposes and if it raises against that if it calls God or it is cult object, the point to be based itself in the sanctuary of God, showing off as if was the proper Deus' ' II Tess. 2:4 Ninrode was seen as a being the holy ghost, a man God. (Equal to the Pope, nowadays).

Flvio Josefo, Jewish historian tells: ' ' Little by little, Ninrode transformed the state of things into a tyranny, supporting that the only way to move away to the men from the fear the God was continuously makes them dependents of its proper poder' '. OBJECTIVE: Ninrode intended To integrate in its proper one to be, the forces that control the Universe dom to manipulate the forces of the Nature. The forces of the Four Elements.