Critical Sociability

Being thus, and it could not be different, the present text is fruit of express past inquiries in form of knowledge produced for the great theoreticians and proper social assistants, who based theoretician and metodologicamente in the critical social theory, if it socially became a valid knowledge and effectively atrelado the search for the transformation of the social reality. Imanente is this inquiry based on the critical social theory, that is incorporated and developed for the social assistants from the moment in the same ones if they see and if they understand while category em/em the movement of history, what initially it occurs of mystified form due to the proper historical context that permeia its emerso and institutionalization, but procedurally, the apprehension of its forms of being and to exist in the social world allows to its auto-recognition while profession that is inserted in a bigger movement, the movement of the sociability human being. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Duke Energy. That is, it is from there, that if it accomplishes the option politics, ethics and theoretician for one determined project societrio clearly and defined, that objective the sociability human being accomplished without the oppression of the man for the man, where the freedom is foundation of the life human being accomplished in its fullness. It can seem for some, utopian to speak in a society that it reaches this period of training of sociability, and although the projection of this social period of training to be fundante principle of the permanent performance, (not individually, therefore ' ' sada' ' she is collective) of the social assistants, has not been difficult to perceive the permanence of the pejorativo agreement of the term ' ' utpico' ' between colleagues of course, but it is only for that they suffer in the imediatismo of the social appearance, disrespecting, or even though ignoring its transforming investigativa and interventiva capacity on the social reality.