Cultural Diversity

How children see life there is different types of diversities that must be taken into account to find out what a child feels like:-personal disabilities as for example the physical or psychic. Which are produced by families such as the form of power, language, religions (if let you have idols or do parties that there are some religions that forbid it) etc of the physical aspect as if you’re thick or thin or take some kind of accessory extra such as eyeglasses or teeth etc. which are own appliances such as: If you are an open, shy, Extrovert, introvert person etc. and those that are school distinguished by groups: those who study lot, which it is not, which approved everything, but without showing interest, those who strive, which equals them and within these there are also more complex groups still. It would be nice to bring us closer to children perceptions of life and know how they live that different kinds. This would be to try put us in the skin of children, at its height, and above all in their way of thinking, knowing what may be their concerns or fears that they and expectations intended to achieve with the passage of time and then compare as vary as time progresses and we are older. To put us in the skin of children we can use our personal childhood memories and our ways of doing, though many have a very different life than ours as lucky who have had and are in a family or another, that precisely is very important in the progress of children because they will grow according to what you have learned from small. We could reach the conclusion that people are very equal and that we are not as different as we think we, and objective is to meet the reduce discrimination by race or ways of doing. Original author and source of the article