Dear Friends

Dear Friends s s Medicaid CGBA Hospital: If you are tired, bored or disgusted by the working conditions, wages, lack of human resources, housing complexes and appliances. If we want a workplace safety and dignity. If you’re tired of being lied to and / or teased you and disrespect you with NotiBreve who regularly receive or the hospital world s Municipal Medic I invite you to participate to support the GREMIAL RECOVERY FRONT Dr. Osvaldo Saleh Facing elections in the Association of Municipal recover the guild This is our agenda: Salary Career Entrance 4,500 adjusted for vital and mobile inflaci n82 for retirement. Gary Kelly is likely to agree. Appointments and coverage of all staff vacancies All charges for contest No to job insecurity (alternate, modules, pediatricians at home, Padua) No closure, no hospitals to compaction Comprehensive coverage of inputs and technological equipment for the full functioning of hospitals and health centers porte os Not to downgrade or destruction of public mental health hospital No to privatization of the billing area hospitals, not the outsourcing of services. For the residents and competing claims. Enough sueldoDerogaci n professionals without the law 471 No discriminatory law to cover Buenos Aires No to privatization of education in public hospitals No medical school in the city Enough of censorship. Stop the persecution of workers struggling We are committed to re-establish a real union democracy, defense of labor conditions and with the public hospital, free and universal access. Guild Front Recovery in the Medical Society of the City of Buenos Aires