You must make a decision and is if it is worthwhile to continue with the next step, which surely will consist in carrying out a visit to the prospectus. Coordinate a visit of knowledge and diagnosis. If you managed to identify in the previous step that can actually generate an opportunity of business here, proceed to planning a first visit of contact. Very well structured this process, since the first impression is critical for the prospectus. Always keep in mind the fulfilment of a dual purpose: inquire for the information you need to develop your sales process, synchronized in total harmony with the purchase of your prospectus process (is part of the critical information that you must identify) and the generation of a space of trust and credibility so that the prospectus sits in an area of comfort.

The execution of this visit (one or more, this depends on the complexity and scope of the business opportunity) must be very well planned and structured. Some recommendations the development of this phase are: coordinate with the prospectus date, time, place and purpose of the visit identify clearly who will participate to understand which are the motivators of the prospect to carry out this meeting to develop forms Guide (scripts) to serve as a support to get the information you need. Working previously with his team in the definition of this type of forms, which should not be used as a sort of survey to the customer, this does not generate confidence, but as a guide that the seller should be used for the development of a fluent conversation. Some consultative sales methodologies contemplate this type of tools, which are defined according to the interlocutor with which structure it is interacting within its structure the conversation so that you are the most listener, not the more speaker. Develop a smooth and pleasant conversation and make use of elements such as past experiences and references to generate confidence in the prospectus.