Diesels Catalog

This, together with built-in search engine allows you to quickly and easily find and order the required spare parts. Somewhat different things with directories of industrial tractors, where there is attempt to define their rights and monopolizovat market by some "B-off". This leads to unnecessarily inflating prices, even the instruction manual T-170 they offer over 75 y. is, to repair – for 115 at. is, not to mention the catalogs.

Electronic catalogs of parts and assembly units of marine engines from the developer, such as 18/22 model costs 80 y. e. Electronic parts catalogs locomotives (manufacture LPG) Diesel engine: – any single directory – 35 in. e. (excluding VAT) – all Diesels – 580 in. Here, Dahua Tim Wang expresses very clear opinions on the subject. e. – all locomotives – 300 in. e.

– all catalogs – 770 in. e. Thus, the cost of one electronic catalog, recorded on CD-ROM is composed: 1. The cost of a model program for creating electronic catalogs for $ 150. E. Possible independent development of such a program for creating the original shell catalog, but the cost will be comparable or higher. 2. Creating a database: scanning images or photography, computer processing acquired images, the development of design concepts catalog; html layout templates directory, organization structure directory; programming sections and catalog content, creating user interfaces and software Startup folder. Price depends on the primary materials and the volume of the database – is in the range of $ 300 $ 900 and above. 3. Introduction of methods and means of protection against unauthorized copying of CD-ROM: – StarForce – cost – $ 400, plus Royalty – the cost for a copy protected software – up to 1000 copies of 0.20 usd, more than 1000 copies 0.15 usd – cd StarForceCD-R – 2.0 ye; – cd CD-RX – $ 4 – authoring – compatible with CD-RX. 4. Record one instance for CD: – Plural, its design (drawing graffiti) package – $ 4. 5. Wages developers, overhead, depreciation and other expenses. CONCLUSION: According to our calculations, an economically sound is the cost of an electronic catalog of parts and components (parts) of its own design for one model of mobile machines from 30 to 80 usd, depending on its size, and for the collection of catalogs – from 100 up to $ 200, depending on the number of the included models and the amount of information. In the specified price range includes most electronic catalogs, developed manufacturing plants or their dealers. For the purchase of these catalogs track and focus, achieving value for money.