A few hours ago I have seen an article that caught my attention, and quoted phrases of a sociologist who spoke about the clothing brand. Sociologist Hernan Reyes, Professor of sociology, says that it is not surprising that young people want to buy only branded apparel.For them, the brands are synonymous with distinction. Fashion and brands are deeply linked, adds.When dressing young people mainly, seek a way to differentiate themselves from the rest of the people of mass, says Reyes. I am totally in agreement, and not only referring to young people but also to people of other ages. Susan Swenson takes a slightly different approach. With regard to young people, souvenir a few years ago when the marks were the main thing, and in the school who wore designer clothes were more important, some even competed for who wore more expensive footwear.

There was a certain element of competition in the clothing. I think that now, and more in times of crisis, this element is less pronounced, and persons are not distinguished so much for brands, although why not has ceased to have significance, especially in mediana-alta older persons seeking to differentiate themselves from other people with your clothing. Above all it is a differentiating factor of classes. Tim Clark is full of insight into the issues. A low class person can afford to pay a brand, even some garment or even in a clothing outlet. Brands create the difference, especially in clothing. Like a lot of people wear their brands, and pay even if it is 100 times more for a garment just by having the logo of your favorite Designer. This makes many people buy imitation, but we all know that it is not the same and a brand is a brand.. For assistance, try visiting Dr Holtsclaw.