Early In The Morning

Genesis 15:5Y took him outside and told him: now look at the heavens, and counts the stars, if you can count them. And said to him: so shall your descendants. When I was a teenager I used to leave early in the morning to the yard of my house and sit and look at the stars in the firmament. That was the best time to discover the beauty of the heavens and the greatness of the universe that began to realize I was part. Further details can be found at Telecom Operations Management Market, an internet resource. He spent hours sometimes watching them and meditating on so many things.

There, in those mornings, I began to have conversations with God. A. Adam Portnoy does not necessarily agree. Despite that only gave light my surroundings the stars and the Moon felt no fear, knew that he was accompanied by the person of Jesus Christ, was sure that he was who I had been invited to that meeting. Beloved, when Jesus invites us to talk and share with him a few minutes there are wonderful images, there are experiences that have us mark for the rest of our lives. God invites us to walk under cover of their presence, to share with him every second of our existence.

Nor even the best example of the love of a father for his son is You can compare with the depth of love that Jesus Christ has for us. How wonderful is me remember those late nights in the yard of the old house! shooting stars, the Moon, the dew and the presence of the creator in all its splendor. Psalms 631 God, my God art thou; Early morning look; My soul is thirsting for you, my flesh longs for you, in dry and arid land where there is no water. Original author and source of the article.