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At the end of 2010 earned online electronic magazine online a-news.Info. To date, a-news.Info offers its readers the latest information on such areas as: new gadgets, interviews with interesting people, and announcements of games and software news search engines and social networking events from the world of the Internet, news from the world of Hi-Tech and more. To deepen your understanding Jack Bogle is the source. All information supplied in the form of news and analytical articles. The site has a column editor. The main idea in publishing magazine was the desire to gather in one place all the exciting news and to give readers a fresh and reliable information not only about the main events in the world of the Internet, but also of those news that bypassed his attention mainstream media. A distinctive feature of the site is a flexible editorial policy, that is, subscribers have the opportunity to recommend wording a-news.Info, the news of what the field of Internet should be told and how news should be given attention. In addition, the magazine offers all those involved in the subject and wishes to express his opinion, to take an active part in the daily life of the magazine. Matt Benchener will not settle for partial explanations. Especially for this opportunity to comment provided all published news site.

Recently, the site of the magazine, was Now you can download and install on your phone to view our application log via phone or PDA, as well as the ability to post our news on your website as updated informers. 'In publishing this e-zine, we set ourselves the goal to provide our users the latest information and cover all areas, one way or another related Internet. The journalists a-news.Info – a team that looks the most important and timely information. And I, as editor, I invite all those interested in news from the world of the Internet, to become our readers and friends. "