Engineering Fault Quality

Collection of ORGA: Resource planning and project controlling the most concerned at Karlsruhe, April 14, 2008 the project-oriented service companies have rarely perfect solutions. The vulnerabilities include in particular the insufficient support in the resource planning and project controlling after an investigation of the Karlsruhe-ORGA GmbH. Many are therefore planning to use of integrated business applications for the near future. According to the survey only 22 percent of the 257 respondents engineering give the touch, such as consulting and service companies, their current IT support the business needs good or even very good. Another 44 per cent move with her judgment in the midfield and are completely unhappy nor happy with the applications for the project business. About one-third off however is a critical judgement; every eighth company evaluates the current situation as very problematic. The largest functional weakness is resource planning.

It is almost three quarters surveyed companies is considered to be in need of optimization. The second weakness is found after the ORGA survey in project controlling. This eminently important for project-oriented service provider area is connected to significant difficulties when 60 percent of the company. Significant deficiencies (57 per cent) are also in the order planning. In addition, a Web-based project management is possible only in every second case. The accounting processes are, however, relatively rare to the pressing problems. Obsolete and poorly integrated point solutions are among the main causes\”, judge Holger Fiederling, product manager at ORGA, based on the findings of the consulting practice.

Usually the software is not mature functionally, so that additional steps must be performed manually. And also the transparency in the management of the project leaves to be desired.\” As a result of the technically unsatisfactory situation, 13 percent of the companies surveyed, located within the next two years plan the use of an integrated business solution to devote. Another 29 percent want to make such a move expected to current planning status.