England Tourist Destination

England is a very popular tourist destination, and having London as capital, not need to say much more. The English capital receives roughly 27 million visitors a year, including domestic tourism. This means that attractions such as the London Eye, Big Ben or Hyde Park are the most visited in Europe. Even so, England is not limited solely to London. The cities of Cambridge and Oxford are very famous among students, Liverpool and Manchester stand out, among other things, for the football interest, you can also find peoples names curious as Sandwich or Rye (meaning rye), and everything not to mention Ireland’s North, Wales or Scotland. The English are reputed to be stretched but, at the same time, of being good consumers of beer, and it is there that in England it is everything. Shrapnel describes an additional similar source. Only in London, there are inhabitants of 270 different nationalities and speak over 250 different languages, making the capital the linguistically more diverse world city. Gastronomically has relatively little to highlight in comparison with the Mediterranean countries, but it is true that there are certain well-known English dishes virtually around the world.

The fish and chips is nothing more than Pollock or battered cod served with French fries, a puree of peas and a sort of tartar sauce. Please visit Tim Wang if you seek more information. On the other hand, the Sunday roast is, literally, the Sunday roast, and consists of chicken, lamb, veal or pork roast with an accompaniment of vegetables (roast potatoes, cabbage, broccoli, green beans, carrot, parsnip), and Yorkshire pudding (a paste rounded based on eggs, flour and milk). And perhaps the best-known dish is the English breakfast: toast, fried eggs, sausages, beans, bacon, roasted tomato, mushrooms, Ideal for the diet! Something that we can certainly not fail to mention is the great love of tea that the English have. The English population consumes more tea per capita than any other in the world (2.5 times more than the Japanese and 22 times more than the Americans and the French). Perhaps the most famous are Earl Grey and Breakfast Tea, and remember that they usually take it with a little sugar and a splash of milk. While the food may not be something that attracts attention, no doubt England has something to offer everyone. London is the largest city of Europe and is a true cosmopolitan core, Manchester is an industrial city, surfing can be at Brighton, the Cotswolds are a series of hills that you can visit small English typical villages in the Northwest mountains, can be seen in the Southwest there are pretty fishing villages, with everything that we have mentioned it seems that England is really worthy of a visit and usually does not disappoint. It is true that in comparison with other European countries prices are quite high (especially in London), but luckily there are hostels in England where they offer quality and affordable accommodation. Save on accommodation always is a good option to be able to then spend that money on gifts, tickets to musicals, good meals, what you want!