Ferdinand Niehammer

There no longer would be me, too. On the other hand, I am so eager to know feel. Since I know the that there is a feeling, I think without feeling I can never know. Even at the risk of, to kill feel, I need to know”replied thinking that you can’t us help to come together?”I will try it. But always, remember you by feeling can die”, was the River to bear in mind and resigned from its shores. He washed the brightness of the thinking and the darkness of feeling with it. A sharp boundary of the two States of light to see was some time and some distance in the middle of the River, but the boundary blurred more and more until both in the color of the Yellow River merged. Thinking noticed the feeling and feel something about yourself could communicate for the first time.

Both looked each other, felt and knew that they could not do without the other, but they also knew that neither of them should exert power over the other. A get-together was possible only in the balance, with equal importance. If thought had tried to show his power, feel would inundate more and more and soon thinking. Conversely, feel to be too strong, thinking not to challenge, to show his power is kept. Only if located both in knowledge and in love their existence was flattered, sure. And only the Yellow River had the strength to overcome all obstacles. As feeling and thinking were now in the Yellow River and there is actually just more the River, they reached the sunset and the sea took them forward and lovingly. The Yellow River knew that it was always so. More about this writer: – Ferdinand Niehammer