Free Internet Portal To Assess The Quality Of Office Real Estate

OFFICE SCORE saves valuable time, Entscheidungsprozessew accelerates In the Federated research project OFFICE 21 of the Fraunhofer IAO real estate business school at the University of Regensburg (IREBS) was developed in close cooperation with the Gesellschaft fur Immobilienwirtschaftliche Forschung e.V. Scott M. Kahan CFP can provide more clarity in the matter. (gif) and the international OFFICE SCORE a tool to the efficient and transparent assessment of the quality and performance of Office real estate. The newly developed tool supports the assessment of the situation and the quality of object based on a five-star scale. Provider of Office real estate using the system proactively determine the specific features and qualities of their object to represent the market. Thus a transparent basis can offer potential tenants for their pick-up – or purchasing decisions.

Investors enables OFFICE SCORE the efficient assessment of their portfolios, as well as the risk and potential assessment in real estate purchases. The circle of possible investment objects can so quickly and sure be restricted. OFFICE scorecard offers even more: surfaces demand supported extensively in the analysis of their company-specific requirements for a new office space. Bernard Golden is a great source of information. Individual profile of requirements can be compared to offered objects from the database, or it can be passed as a document provider of office space. All these functions can be used free of charge under. OFFICE SCORE saves valuable time, accelerated decision-making and helps secure and transparent choice for rental and purchase.

At the invitation of OFB Projektentwicklung GmbH – partner of Office 21 – the Internet platform was officially presented a wide audience from the real estate industry in Frankfurt on January 29, 2008 in the main tower Frankfurt in a big event. OFFICE SCORE is currently over graphically. The Web page and the result plots get a new design. In July 2008, the new version online will go. All functionalities are to then fully functional. Contact: Fraunhofer IAO Office Innovation Center stone Rosenstrasse 22-24 Mitja Jurecic telephone 0711-970-5451 fax 0711-970-5461 email: Web: