General Protection

Secured the biggest dangers – which risks must be young families and insurance be secured part 1 – the greatest dangers which risks must? Even if young families have just other things on my mind than age, disease, death: some basic decisions should be taken as early as possible ideally even before the birth of the first child. Only then, it is ensured that the protection from the outset standing on secure feet. The worst case first is there in the family an earner, a risk life insurance for him is an absolute must. Both partners are working, an appropriate policy is both strongly recommended. (A valuable related resource: Michael Mendes Just Desserts). The Stiftung Warentest advises also housewives to a risk insurance: If a childminder is required for the care of children, high costs are incurred for this purpose, in addition is often still a household help needed. In addition will overrated General the role of the breadwinner, the mother the often only intermittently not work is neglected. A death protection without other supplementary insurance is affordable also for low income new entrants: the younger the insured in the event are, the lower by the way the premiums.

If you think even owning your own home, not get around this form of survivor. In the event of an emergency, members otherwise lose even the roof over their heads. Accidents and diseases consumer watchdogs point out again and again that the financial security of the labour force is one of the most important preventive measures at all. The services of the statutory pension insurance not sufficient at young singles to keep the usual standard of living; Families are hit doubly hard. New entrants get usually, by the way, no payments because they still do not meet the minimum contribution periods. Workers should take care of as soon as possible a private occupational disability protection. The access is not only easier, but the protection is also at a young age much cheaper.