Good Marketing

We need to do is to write our posts from the blog or website in directories of articles trying to modify them enough so that they don’t look duplicates, one point to emphasize is that we need to have a place where directed traffic since these directories get two things, one is some back links to our site and as second visits to this place. To perform effectively the Marketing of articles we must focus a little more to the Long Tail Keywords since these are easier to position, furthermore they appear much higher in the google search engine ranking. We must try to optimize our titles in articles as well as the body, trying to write on a regular basis of 300 to 500 words per item, besides that if we will raise this article to multiple directories trying to modify them slightly so that they appear not to duplicate. Perhaps the most important point to articles directories is the Resource Box since this part is where the magic is performed, obtaining both back links to your site as also visits, usually in the resource box allows us to create links and we can always put them with our keywords, always tries to put your main keyword targeting the home of your site and one or two links more to internal posts. Some directories you can find English very good are:,, and these are some in Spanish:,,, for more information visit: how to make a good marketing of articles.