Government Emergency

Not be suspended human rights and fundamental freedoms. In any case respect the rules of international humanitarian law. A statutory law shall regulate the powers of the Government during states of emergency and establish judicial and security controls to protect the rights, under international treaties. The measures taken must be proportionate to the seriousness of the facts. Do not interrupt the normal functioning of the branches of government or state bodies.

As soon as the foreign war have ceased or the causes that led to the State of Emergency, the Government declared restored law and order and lift the state of emergency. The President and the ministers are responsible when they declare states of emergency without the cases have occurred in foreign war or internal disturbance, and they will also, like other officials, for any abuse they have committed in the exercise of the powers referred to previous articles. The government will send to the Constitutional Court on the day following their issue legislative decrees issued in exercise of the powers referred to previous articles, so that finally decides on its constitutionality. If the government does not comply with the duty of sending, the Constitutional Court to apprehend and immediately trade his knowledge. ARTICLE 215. Upon the occurrence of events other than those provided for in Articles 212 and 213 that cause, or threaten to interfere in a serious and imminent economic, social and ecological health of the country, or which constitute grave public calamity, the President may, with the signing of all Ministers, declare a state of emergency for periods up to thirty days each, which together may not exceed ninety days in the calendar year. .