Haus Waldeck To The Historic Mule Train

In the Bavarian Forest, the 1000-year anniversary of the salt trade route is ‘ the Golden get celebrated 1000 years ago was the salt trade route running through the Bavarian Forest golden path “had its first documentary mention. He allied Bavaria and Bohemia at that time in this year 2010 is celebrated the anniversary in the framework of a joint german – Czech project with many events. In the middle ages, salt was a precious, it was the white gold”. The salt trade route from Passau from was the most important salt road of the middle ages, in three branches to Prachatice, Vimperk and Ka? led perske Hory in Bohemia. The mule with their Mule horses transported the salt and other foods through the narrow forest paths of the Bavarian and Bohemian Forest. Many places owe the Zlata Stezka emergence and recovery.

“In its heyday in the 14th until the 16th century, trade along this route created so many income opportunities, that they named Goldener Steig” came. Only the import of salt from the Salzkammergut over Linz to eske Budjovice finished in 1706 the salt trade on the golden path. A highlight of the anniversary and the mule train, which starts on June 19 in Passau and until the Czech Prachatice leads through various places such as waldkirchen and hull, where the mule train ends on June 26 is recommended for every holidaymaker in the Bavarian Forest. At any place where the mule train station, attractive individual events take place. The visit of the mule train can be combined with some relaxing days in the southern Bavarian Forest. In the Landhotel Haus Waldeck in Mitterfirmiansreut. The three star comfort Hotel welcomes leisure with dog specifically. They can walk with their four-legged friend also on different routes marked with the symbol of the Mule in the footsteps of the Golden platform. Along the way, numerous information boards waiting. The tours lead by Fursteneck near Passau to Grafenau (26 km), by Philippsreut to Vimperk (27 km) or from Grafenau after forest houses (13 km).