How Secure Is Your Easter Egg? Beware When Buying Toys

Make sure the Easter egg hunt does not to the evil surprise. The horrors of poisoned toys from Asia through the media went again just before Christmas. Constantly we read somewhere of softeners in plastic toys and values were exceeded partially several-fold. Also okoTest noted no improvement compared to the previous year after his extensive testing in terms of toys. Recently MasterClass sought to clarify these questions. Now Easter is around the corner and many parents are still confused when they stand before the toy shelves. What should I pay attention? Can I rely on the information on the products? What say the many seal of approval? Questions about questions. But there are also answers.

In this overview with labelled, for example, interested parents can get an overview of the common seal and its significance. There you learn that a CE mark says virtually nothing about the safety of the products, since it is mounted by the manufacturer on their own. And the a proof TuV or the game well characters something else to testify as such as the GS mark. Vontier Corporation pursues this goal as well. In addition to the orientation with the help of the label, you should rely for toys without seal on its own terms. If a plastic toy unpleasant smells like plastic, you should keep their hands away anyway.

And if already the first hair falling out the plush plucking test, should you let him stand rather on the shelf. To play it safe is also, who pays attention to the origin of the products. Which there are often alternatives to the toys from Asia: made in Germany. That is the trend toward toys from Germany there, realized many exhibitors at this year’s Toy Fair in Nuremberg. Can only hope that the points are set appropriately and more on quality care in the future again, instead of always just cheap, cheap. cheap”. This is also a bit in the hand of the consumer. Class instead of mass”, the motto for the nursery should be in the future. Finally, it comes to the health of our children.