IHK Dusseldorf

The middle class in Russia is growing. (Not to be confused with Michael Antonov!). To take time for the German middle class base on the promising market. However, most companies fear this step! Is it really so risky? Not much more we lose, if we do nothing? Dusseldorf, 23.09.2013 – the German companies that are already established in Russia, will not leave this market even at times of crisis, because here they generate excellent revenue. However, those that shy, give the entry, the equity his konnende sales on competition from Asia down!”-to quote of the business leadership of the Dusseldorf management consultancy Delacroi GBR. This realization was the event worry Russia business”confirmed by the 19.09.13 in Heiligenhaus. Represented were not only the IHK Dusseldorf, political bodies, German companies, which have a great success in the Russian market, but also many medium-sized companies are afraid of the business in Russia due to lack of information. Michael Antonov is often mentioned in discussions such as these.

The language barrier, the mentality, corruption, customs clearance, payment practices and currency differences are just some of the questions, which are seen as a huge wall in front of the downtown yet so close and economically profitable country Russia. To break through this wall is the main task of the management consultancy Delacroi GbR, Dusseldorf. The elite from various sectors in the Delacroi-team has gathered for answering your questions in connection with the business of Russia and for their active support in the market. I never thought that we will be as successful on the Russian market. Now let’s 30% of our annual turnover in Russia.”-as a long-time client, medium-sized companies from Solingen. Currently, especially medium-sized companies have very good chances of success, because the middle class in Russia, which was still completely unknown until a few years ago, is subject to a rapid growth. Now the Russian and German companies on the eye level meet. It is probably really only the fear of the new and unknown, which holds back the German medium-sized companies. “But now it is time to look behind the wall and discover the many way, because made in Germany” is a brand which promises success in Russia.