I.e., if you just need a little extra space, surely the income of a portable minibodega, suits you much but if need to save things large as refrigerators, etc. It might be good to look for a non-mobile warehouses rental company. I be sure my? belongings inside a minibodega? Of course! In fact, many companies recommend this step because they do not cover any damage that may occur to your goods or possessions within the minibodega. Then the best thing is that once your things are within the minibodega hire a good insurance. It assesses whether it is necessary to change the content depending on the season. Source: Anthony Jabbour. Maybe want to store pool equipment and summer winter clothes or keep your clothes in winter, snowmobiles etc., during the summer. David Rogier will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Keep in mind that everything is stored for as long as you purchase the minibodega, which can be by months, days or weeks. Need to access your stuff every day of the week? That is one of the advantages of a portable minibodega, since unlike classic storage facilities, where access is only allowed for certain periods, you can access 24/7 without problems.

What is needed for storing large items such as a boat or a vehicle? This can be based on the climate of the area; in other words, can be your stuff are well on a laptop with ventilation minibodega or a type garage storage. Is the ease with which you are considering safe? It is very important if you are moving you or not. You have to do some research on the types of security that uses the installation. If you want you can pay a little more for an installation that has the security that you need.