Insurance Association

For the ninth time in a row, the magazine determined the cheapest car insurance policies in its November edition from 151 plans. The consumer advocates confirm once again the German internet that she very often appears in the list of the cheapest deals. Financial test confirming ultimately that pays our economic actions for all”, summarizes Falko Struve, Member of the Board of the German internet, the results. As a special feature, he emphasized that the online subsidiary of the Insurance Association offers the Continentale despite the cheap prices even the highest quality of service. This is regularly confirmed in surveys of TuV Saarland with top marks. The entire administration share on gross premiums, which includes expensive advertising, is the German internet only at about 7.0 percent. Competitors with aggressive advertising spend up to 30 percent, what with paying customers. Also, motorists can save over 50 percent of their premiums, when up to 30 November Cancel and change from 01.01.2010 to the German internet.

Kundenwerbepramie is increased particularly attractive to 30 euros this year for existing customers, if win you friends, relatives or friends. “With 30 euros, the Dortmund paid this canvassing during the period 1 November until 31.01.2010 so all benefit: we are looking forward to new customers, they get a cheap car insurance and our existing customers an attractive premium”, Falko Struve explains the benefits. More information: on the German internet insurance: the German internet insurance began in 2001 as the first online car insurer. Behind her, the Continentale is the Insurance Federation. Best TuV certification of service quality, customer satisfaction and data security are the German internet. Independent comparison tests (Finanztest, Autobild-TuV-report, Stern, Spiegel Online) confirm the favourable tariffs.