Also, if the chimney on the roof exceeds the 1.5 meter (regardless of the angle of inclination of the roof), mandatory to install extensions. Further details can be found at Gold Investments, an internet resource. For this purpose the mounting bracket for the stretch. – Flue connection – often the diameter of the outlet on the boiler is not coincides with the range of standard sizes of chimneys, and in this case, the only correct solution is to use a reducing adapter to a standard diameter. In addition, the attachment of the first element chimney from the outlet on the boiler requires a mandatory special seals stove sealant (1500 C). – The horizontal sections chimney (where specified in the design) should not be longer than 1000 mm. – By basic laws of aerodynamics smoke, as well as warm air rises (but not on a horizontal line). Also, that such areas adversely affect the thrust of the chimney, they also often become "trash" compartments tubes – sometimes carbon build-up. – Gilzovka chimney – when connected to a gas boiler flue brick brick inside the channel is set one-wall stainless steel tube, with those retained. gap between metal pipe and bricks – so masonry is protected from the damaging effects of acid environment, can quickly warm the flue and the formation of a good natural draft, as well as simplifies the process of cleaning the chimney. – Build the chimney – the vertical part of the chimney is always going to "move condensate", an extension of up to prevent condensation on the exit outer wall of the pipe.