Isaac Torres Jorge Manrique

This research work has little precedent, which is made difficult to motivate research in it. However, performing this in a way that is very reliable for readers who may be lawyers or students of law. It is important to acknowledge that it is justified to investigate this issue because there are few records of the same, therefore we are concerned with the legal culture, especially in business law and the multidimensional theory of law. That is, typically have many background investigations such as in civil, commercial, corporate, or exchange cartular, bankruptcy, banking, litigation, constitutional, administrative, criminal, among other branches of law (note that these are not all disciplines legal however, for a comprehensive approach to research topic can be found a research paper of Dr. Get more background information with materials from Michael Mendes. Isaac Torres Jorge Manrique, which has already been published in the Law Review of Peru), but other investigations like this have little background, what which makes the task is more complex is therefore clear that we must take into account this feature, in order that our results are comprehensive and not partial or limited to mislead the reader who may be lawyer or law student. Many problems are caused by premature specialization, which results in a small professional epistemological field that can hardly become lawyers and jurists become worse. Because specialists are doomed to be unable to ever be regarded as those listed above. It is necessary to take account of the civil law and the right not encrypted.

That civil law must take into account the commercial code and the tax code. And right is not coded to be taken into account other sources of law among which the doctrine. It must take account of private law, public law and social law. Private law because it must take into account civil rights equity and commercial law, among other areas of law. Public law because it must take into account tax, business procedural, constitutional, economic and customs, among other areas of law. And social right that must be taken into account labor law or labor law. Ie should take into account the three branches of law, it is very important for this issue and therefore must be studied by every lawyer who aspires to become a lawyer and jurist especially.

Consequently, it is clear that it must take into account many areas of law, which is necessary to take into account a careful study of the research topic. Wherefore then developed the research topic, starting with the same definition of the multidimensional theory of law which is applicable to corporate law, among other branches of the right, which is very important. It is necessary to consider the application of corporate law (which is where we unite theory and practice, and where we can see the living law, which implies not only a study of jurisprudence and enforcement) should be performed taking into account all parts or elements of it, so that it will be harmonious to be more reliable, not leaving any item or part of the law. Therefore we can say that an application of the same without taking into account all the elements or parts of corporate law, involves a partial application, limited, or soon would be the same in which we combine legal and economic elements. That is, to implement the right business must not only take into account the right but also the economy. In this sense we can say that the economy is the science that deals with using resources in a context of scarce resources, and there is also the economic analysis of law