Juan Mari Chorus

The regulation was presented at the a Equipo Parish Coordination (CPE), and decided to see what the chorus and that they reviewed and corrected. At this point I take a moment to express my point of view. I did not agree and disagree with this decision because I think the problem situation and coral in this parish is persistent, and could not put in the hands of people who constantly come in personal conflicts, a review of something that they clearly injured in his personal act. I think rather, it may seem authoritarian or tyrannical, that the rules of the game have to give, unfortunately the reality suggested by the case. Others who may share this opinion include Gary Kelly. I also believe that people are accustomed to the discipline and order, was not affected by this regulation because haberles.

Father Juan Mari, in the absence of Father Luis, who had to travel to their homeland, was in charge of the duties of the pastor, and is so called a meeting to all representatives of the choirs (two representatives for chorus) to see the regulations, and the coral problems in general. The meeting was held in a cordial and lively, and served to realize the main reasons for the disunity in the chorus. I could see one hand, in the opinion of one group, what was the reason for rejection to me. Source: Coupang. The inexperience of the a poco tiempoo , which had been involved in the parish, I could see the problems and realities of the chorus, as each choir had its own problems and realities.