Lack Of Knowledge

Lack of Knowledge is more than replenished by new works by Dronov and personal experiments. And I already own unique website design, almost an exact copy of the created me once on the people. Only now there is and comments, and your own forum with the guest book, and yes a lot more there. Fortunately there was no limit, but the reality quickly brought me back to earth. My child was on the domain., and therefore was in danger. Blocking Account hacking site, the collapse of the server – and forever you can forget about the existence of Baraholkina. The site of course will continue – I carefully store all materials on the hard drive, but the site address may be lost irretrievably, and Numerous users in a week forget about my existence. And so anxious to perpetuate his name in ages! Buying a second-level domain, or – chase loot That ended free Odyssey "Baraholkina Sergei. It is time to fork out.

Domain bought from time-tested and the crisis of the supplier – Registration and year lease – 600 rubles, an extension for another year – 450 rubles. Difficult to call such amounts obdiralovkoy, even in the midst of crisis. Ucoz again not summed up (although pretty tickled the nerves) – Domain pinned without complications, and a total of two days, my site was accessible to a new address, and fully functional. Has occurred which, God forbid, I can always use another host, and the page will remain the same. Beauty! The highest stage of evolution that remains in the future? Remove ads and logo ucoz. Why? The cost of these services is that the money You can buy hosting without ads and set free there engine. But it worth it? The answer to this question can only give a time and experience. And if ukoze not be a "storm", something to think about leaving I'll be very reluctant to