I leaned in you, you leaned in me hand with hand, eyes in the eyes fingers with fingers, heart with heart song and emotion sea and to love, lips with lips finally! after as many hands, eyes, fingers and heart I reached what as much desired, the lips not any lips, but yes yours Now I have that them, desire them always and with many interminable kisses and kisses that are not comparable, nor imaginable or lived for me and neither for you. Let us combine thus love let us make a pact, why not? yes, I say a pact! that is of blood two souls in one alone only one hand, a finger and a heart let us be an only being, a love, a life a road and a desire interminable desires is alone what meeting in me you desire for me, you desire in me, me desire in you. Only desires, never before desired, nor dreamed perpetual desires and that the perpetual one walked either desired for you, as much how much I have this desire in me walked way as my desire in such a way desires my hand, its hand its hand in mine is my desire and that it is more desire yours, Love mine. Rosaine Saints.