Maria Teresa Leon

MARiA TERESA LEoN (1903-1988) writing is an incurable disease, one breath without which it would be able to die. Maria Teresa Leon. VOICE of the tail of the comet to thee, Maria Teresa – I remembered and reminded us Rafael Alberti-, than you are now, at your age of 83, lost and forgotten who you are, like a white shadow for a Shakespearean forest, love you remember, separating the branches that confuse us, what wasn’t the memory and remains even as the first day of our entry into the war that began the military rebels on July 18, 1936. Can I understand? In the cemetery of Majadahonda (Madrid), on the Tomb where lie their mortal remains, are written these words of teammate Rafael: this morning, love, we have twenty years. Maria Teresa Leon was a superb writer – novelist, playwright, writer, biographer, essayist, translator – with an important work in quantity and quality.

In his first books showed a tendency towards story dreamlike and legendary, then evolving into social and political denunciation. Maria Teresa Leon Goyri was born in Logrono on October 31, 1903 and died in Madrid on December 13, 1988. He studied at the free institution of education and graduated in philosophy and letters. In 1920 he married Gonzalo de Sebastian. After a brief marriage, he moved to Burgos, where he collaborates in the Diario de Burgos, signing his protest articles in favour of the rights of women and culture, with the pseudonym of Isabella Inghirami. In 1929 returned to Madrid, where he met Rafael Alberti in house of the writer Sofia Valero, friend of Menendez Pidal, uncles of Maria Teresa, his aunt Maria Goyri, wife of don Ramon, was the first woman in Spain who earned a doctorate in philosophy and literature and taught at the Spanish University. It arose before me – we had Rafael – blonde, beautiful, solid, and raised as the wave that the unexpected sea me spitting a coup against the chest.