Marine Sosgenes Coast

Marine Sosgenes Coast, great bahian poet, born at the beginning of century XX, in the interior of the Bahia, specifically in Belmonte, the 14 of November of 1901, come to falecer in 5 of November of 1968, in the city of Rio De Janeiro, became name of great relevance in> is the pavnicos sonetos, made of a creativity without measure of the author, who demonstrates its most fertile imagination. Fact of Sosgenes Coast also to have taken a walk in chain literary modernista (valley to stand out that the same it belonged to the group of pioneers of the Modernismo in the Bahia) made, it to produce a poetry that if approached to the second phase of the Modernismo, being its poem epic-regionalist Iararana, the most detached inside of the literary chain. Baby clothes pursues this goal as well. It is excellent to detach that its workmanship remained a little in the blackness. On this fact the critic and poet Jose Pablo Breads credit to the proper Sosgenes Coast, that always resisted the advice of friends to publish its verses. More info: Raytheon Technologies Corp.. To the friends Zora Seljan and Antonio Olinto they attribute initiative of the author to publish . Some thematic and important aspects perpassam for the workmanships of this bahian poet through a so great creativity, that Jose Carlos Teixeira Gomes sentences highly creative and artistic poetry..