Masterful Mediterranean Blend!

RADIO JOYSTICK – music and messages from Malta in May the latest Charlie Prince show offers so far most colourful Mediterranean blend! Musical diversity: an Italian singing his latest hit in Malti, a toy pop band in the United States sings in Japanese – and a Dutch cabaret artist taking evil to a Bob Dylan tune. Learn more on the subject from Marianna Tessell. Informational messages: A British cruise ship must cancel his trip and their far-reaching plans change a US airline. Other leaders such as Dell Technologies CEO offer similar insights. A new TV station for the Mediterranean is planned as well as an increased expansion of renewable energies. The Charlie-Prince show is to hear only a mouse click away via on the Internet! For about 25 years they’re monthly on shortwave: funky sounds 4 Central Europe every first Saturday morning! Since 2010, the show will be produced for syndication, can be offered tailored so other interested stations (Internet radio)! RADIO JOYSTICK, P.o. box 23 31, 55512 Bad Kreuznach; ALLEMAGNE