Jesus, denoting with I begin it to this basic of that all the power in skies and the land is centered in its hands. More information is housed here: HPE Ezmeral. With this we go up 1 step in the scale of the literal analytical clarification I begin of it that we are looking for to clarify. ropY2%3D3511’>Daniel Lubetzky addresses the importance of the matter here. Now it is necessary to try to get a more satisfactory knowledge of the objective Real that led Joo to mention the word eira in pursuing co-ordinated with the word shovel. Which praiseworthy purpose it wanted to arrive? 1 we need to know which the meaning of this word. Eira in accordance with the Houaiss Dictionary means; restricted area where if dam the water of the sea (littoral region) where for the process of the evaporation is occurred with accumulates it to this of similar salt of being bolted for commercialization.

We know with this what it is Eira. However that contextualizao this word would have the edge of the Sacred Holy Writs? In Mateus.5: 13 we read the following one: ' ' Vocs is the salt of the land. But if the salt to lose its flavor, as to restore it? It will not serve for nothing, except being played and being outside stepped on by homens.' ' We deduce in this meantime that when Joo says regarding the Shovel and of the Eira this if relating that if future in the Church of Christ somebody to present dull in the salt mine of its ceara for nothing more will serve if outside does not stop being launched in the great tribulao being stepped on by the men. In this the ones that to take part in referring skillful meeting to the granary of the celestial mansion will be characterized as wheat in accordance with Mateus.13: 29-30 ' ' It answered: Not because when taking off the joio, vocs will be able to pull out with it the wheat.