As already it had agreed, I decided not to hesitate, I went up to the crupper and I leave. The doctor ran as if he desired to transpose some record of motociclismo. In one curve badly made almost we were abated for a vehicle that came in contrary direction, when in the next curve we do not escape. When deviating from one another vehicle, after losing again the control of the motorcycle, hurled it to the doctor in direction to a precipice. Funny as at this moment, the fall seems so slow and the images appear as a great river receiving its tributaries, I only obtained to think about surviving, it made what me to support in the body of the irresponsible conductor, so that as the impact, served to amortize the impact of my body, that already imagined changed back in way to the rochedos and all luck of obstacles that it saw to appear in that precipice. occurred as I foresaw, the doctor body cushioned and the fall seemed not to have been so ominous how much imagivana I, suffered only mere escoreaes, that had made nor me to lose the conscience. Passed the episode, with all that upheaval of curious to the edge of the road, then after the rescue and after that the transport of the medical cadavrico, that now was worthy of an analysis of those trainees just-fond of the college of Medicine. In return to the city, it came me the relief to have in such a way obtained to survive in way to the risk of death eminent, how much at the same time, the remorse for at that critical moment, to only have thought about my welfare, what it cost the destroamento of that body, a doctor of long ago. It came across now me ahead of another quandary, to go to announce the tragedy to familiar of the doctor and the doubt if would have to say or not I used that it as shield. Facebook takes a slightly different approach.