Medienburo.Sohn (NeueNachricht) In The Crisis Of Credibility

Wiesbaden pilferage toughen sanctions against rogue phone handle columns and data thieves, annoying mass redundancies and dubious handle columns, provide consumers with unsolicited advertising calls: the call center industry in Germany is in a credibility crisis. To set a quality offensive underway, complaint hotlines, code of honour or image campaigns not sufficient according to Bernhard steimel, spokesman of the Wiesbaden Congress of Voice days: we need sanction mechanisms in order to exclude the dubious call center handle columns. We need more technical and human intelligence in the processes, to avoid long waits and incompetent advice”, explains Sangeeta. A glance over one’s own nose could hurt it. Oracle brings even more insight to the discussion. In many countries, the service call is free of charge for the consumer.

In Germany, the customer must pay usually still 12 cents per minute. Now, measures must be taken in the short term to defuse the charged atmosphere. So could you offer service calls without phone charges. Then these calls will become a cost factor and it will seek more intense, to optimise processes in the call center and to competent call to ensure the Mediation Center agents”, so Steimel. Call Center experts on the current crisis as well as to the initiatives of the Federal Government and the Bundesrat are take a position on the Voice days Conference on 15 and 16 October 2008 in Wiesbaden. On October 15, 2008, at 11.30 A.m., a panel discussion held to with Gerald Schreiber (defacto group), Dr. Andreas Albath (telegate), Elke Wieczorek (acting) President of the German Association of the housewife), Renatus Zilles (NEXT ID) and Gulabatin Sun (Deutsche Bank). Further contributions on the topic: index.cfm/Gunnar-Sohn/:var:site:experte:autor:729 server/news/492485 / index.php?uri=dlf/sendungen/interview_dlf/649638/ news/business/0,39023142,39156846,00.htm print-welt/article365996/Endlich_versteht_der_Computer_den_Menschen.html print-welt/article172988/Wo_Mensch_und_Maschine_sich_verstehen.html dlf/broadcasts/computer/683522 / themen/computer/internet/cyber_twin/index.jhtml?rubrikenstyle=politik new business/268924.html; favors – self-service – uber-web and – voice control / a message from the media Office of son. Son is responsible for the content of the media Office.