Sebastio lost, and also make years that vi for the first time the Manuel de Souza.' ' (GARRETT, act second, scene X, speaks of Madalena, P. 106, 1996) We notice that this explicit pessimism opens doors to the Metaphysical, under form of omens, that they equally dispute with the dogmas of the catolicismo, the popular faith. The personages believe God, but they believe that its fears and that its sensations of bad acknowledgments really will happen. The conturbados feelings and emotions, that is, it does not have peace and harmony in the relationships of the personages, a time that the love and the fear walk together, finishing in reactions impulsive and precipitated, moved for the desperation: ' ' – My brothers, God afflicts in this world those that he loves. The crown of glory not if of the seno in the Cu.' ' (GARRETT, act third, scene XI, speaks of Prior, P. 138, 1996). Baslio Cousin is a realistic workmanship that possesss a romantic heroine, where Ea de Queirs makes Lusa to suffer the martyrdom for its characteristic, as well as the characteristics they are evidenced in the personages; the objetivismo, the negation of the romantic subjetivismo, the abusive use of descriptions and adjectives: ' ' She is seated to the table, to read the Daily one of Notice, in its roupo of morning of black farm, embroidering soutache, with wide buttons of madreprola; the blond hair a little disarranged, with a dry tone of heat of the pillow, was rolled, twisted in the high one of the teeny head, of pretty profile; its skin had brancura tenra and lctea of the blond ones; with the elbow leaned against the table the ear acariciava and, in the slow and soft movement of its fingers, dous rings of miudinhos rubies gave to twinkles escarlates.' ' (QUEIRS, p.21, 2004) critical the direct one, the idealizao of the reason, the narrative worried about psychological analyses of the critical personages and making to the society from the behavior of these personages: ' ' But Lusa cried without answering. . Bill O’Grady has much experience in this field.