Moscow City Council

In 1907 the newspaper "Golos Moskvy" notified its readers that the city has its first driver on the car. A small poster "Waggoner. The fee for agreement "to invite everyone to comfortably get to the right place for them. The first example in a cab and took advantage of other drivers, and over the next ten years, a lot of cars, specializing in carting for the agreed fee. The 1917 revolution put an end to this service, but in December 1924, the Moscow City Council decided to establish a Soviet fleet taxis. Planned to buy 200 cars brands Renault and Fiat, and in June 1925 the first 15 cars went to the streets of the city could legitimately. The fare was the same for all: every verst cost 50 cents, and hourly rate was 4 rubles 50 kopecks. Of course, the services of taxi drivers would use only secured people.

Prior to 1926 there were only a taxi in Moscow and Leningrad, and then began to appear in smaller cities. 1934 was marked by the release of domestic passenger cars, which increased the park taxis more than 6 times. Since then a taxi in Moscow was publicly available to the general population. After the war, most of the taxis were GAZ-M20 'Victory', and soon, in 1948, came on board the body and green checkerboard stripe light, signaling that the vehicle is free. With the advent of "twenty-first" model "Volga" taxis are painted in white and red, and GAZ-24 and GAZ-24-02 sedans were a light green color with orange "scallops" on roof. "Twenty-fourth" virtually no change made in the past 15 years, after which they drove over the new GAZ-3102 and GAZ-24-10. Current taxi cab in Russia now is in almost all localities. Together with domestic cars are widely used foreign cars.

Often orange "comb" the taxi can be seen in prestigious models equipped with air conditioning, and even with a small television in the cabin. A wider range and taxi service: now the car can be ordered not only to move around the city or beyond, but also for the delivery of flowers, food, gifts. People who, for whatever reasons, are unable to meet their relatives at the airport, just pay for a trip to the office, and the appointed time the car will drive up to the agreed parking and pick up passengers. The need for transportation of household appliances and construction materials caused the appearance of the cargo cab. The development of the modern taxi continues, and in the cities there are more new offices offering services in transportation of passengers and goods delivery. Taxi in Russia are not used: the amount of payment is calculated in office and call on the phone during the order. High competition helps keep prices down, but rising in price every day slowly forcing petrol prices increase. For the convenience of consumers, many companies allow for a taxi from a mobile phone, which means that now cause the car from anywhere in the city or outside it. Very convenient service pre-order a taxi. At the right time to customers not have to worry that all cars are busy on calls – will drive a taxi on time, at the appointed time. And, of course, great attention is paid to quality of care. Before you start the machine are required inspection, and to the drivers of increased demands adherence to corporate standards. The main rule is serious taxi companies – "All for the convenience of the customer!". And, as experience shows that passengers prefer to just use their services.