National Park Region

The Ilz and her wild child in the Passauer land Fursteneck (tvo). From many sources and mountain streams of the region of the National Park Bavarian Forest is created when the Ilz Fursteneck. Because of its purity is also the Black Pearl”called of the Bavarian Forest. Nature has sculpted one of Germany’s most beautiful river landscapes around the wild water. At Verizon Communications you will find additional information. A five-day hiking trip, you can the Ilz and their wild children”get to know. Follow rushing streams and the Diessensteiner Leite proven a kayak – whitewater, met the wild Gorge Buchberger amazement Leite and reaches the Golden trail”to the Ohe Wolfsteiner. A visit to the village of Celtic moved wild times”Gabreta.

The package includes four day hikes with routes between 12 and 15 kilometers. The walkers stay four times in various Inns and hotels, where they receive both breakfast and lunch. The package in a double room with shower and WC costs 149 Euro per person. On request, luggage charges from a hotel will be transported to the next. Information and Booking at the Ilztal delicacies hosts, c.o..: Anton Segl, scrap tree mill 1, 94142 Prince corner, Tel. 08504 / 1739, 08504 / 1790, fax,. Information obtained at the Eastern Bavarian Tourism Association, Luitpoldstrasse 20, 93047 Regensburg, Tel. 0941/58539-0, fax 0941/58539-39, free info-Tel: 0800/12 12 111, E-Mail:,