National Week

THIRD day we do a summary of these days, we started talking about the year of the Eucharist as the Center, as an introduction, then went to consider that our Eucharist liturgy is always an encounter, but with who we are?, with Christ present in the Assembly, the Minister, the word, and the sacrament. Then the also accompanies us on which make of life. We saw also that the own day of the Eucharist is Sunday. All is say the principles, guidelines, but today we focus with regard to who animates this Eucharistic Celebration, because this celebration has to be animated, has to be prepared, has to be addressed, has to be savored, meditated and shared, hence it is topic: liturgical animation team- or the group responsible for the preparation and celebration of the liturgical celebration. I’m going to start with an anecdote: told that an archaeologist carried out excavations in the Middle East, and one day was invited to eat at a friend’s House.

It was taken according to the traditional style of oriental hospitality. The host, taught him the apartments of his house, being in the kitchen archaeologist’s eyes were fixed on a small statue ennegrecida by time, which served as a small jar lid, grabbed it gently between your hands to contemplate it to your liking and began to wipe clean of smoke, dust and grease, appeared a face of extraordinary beauty, and her dress of thousand folds was a marvel of elegance. The archaeologist fascinated by its beauty and its artistic value. Liturgical animation team, has been a while working in our churches and parishes, perhaps the routine powder has stuck already, and has darkened its purpose, and its objective. It is convenient, it is time to re-enable it, remove dust, grease, returning to the team that beautiful image which should be in the parish to encourage the celebration and trying to make each day celebrations more beautiful, because it leads us to the mystery of faith, hence, Therefore, that this talk will therefore primarily addressed to all those who work in liturgical animation teams, and those who aren’t in those teams are here present, encourage them to incorporate those liturgical animation teams.