Navarrese Pere

A decision will not be taken on proroguing the limit until the 24 of June. FPUC Program oftentimes addresses this issue. The DGT has eluded to do an estimation of the fuel saving these months. Navarrese Pere says that it has been due to produce " certain relax" of the conductors. You may want to visit Adam Portnoy to increase your knowledge. The infractions by excess of speed detected by radars rounded up a 8% in the last week of May with respect to the same week of the last year, which breaks the descendent tendency that had been registered from the entrance in force in March of the limit to the 110 kilometers per hour. Thus it has advanced it east Thursday in press conference the chief of a main directorate of Traffic, Navarrese Pere, that next to the undersecretary of Interior, Right Zambrana, considers that it has been possible to produce certain " relax" in the conductors after three months in which they had clearly raised the foot of the accelerator.

In fact, in the first month of the new speed limit, the fines by excess of speed fell to half, reflection of a reduction accused of the average speed at which it was circulated in freeways, that happened of 113.92 kilometers per hour in March of 2010, to 102.08 this year. Although Zambrana recognizes that he is " difcil" to make a correlation between the reduction of the average speed and the number of accidents, the certain thing is that the number of deceaseds has fallen more of a 9 percent of January to May, with respect to the same period of the last year, when happening of 620 dead ones in 2010, to 521 deceaseds in the five first months of this year. " What it seems clear is that at smaller speed, more security and less possibility of having accidente" , there is Zambrana outstanding. On the possibility that the Government prorogues the new speed limit beyond next the 30 of June, the undersecretary of Interior has remembered that still reduces three cabinets until that date, although yes thinks that a decision will not be taken until the last meeting of the Executive, next the 24 of June. Zambrana has eluded to make an estimation of the fuel saving that has supposed the measurement, something that corresponds to the Ministry of Industry, although is underlining that " at smaller speed, menos&quot is spent; . " That is elementary, dear Watson" , it has joked. Source of the news: ' CTO 110' one relaxes: the fines by speed raise 8%.